I think up big ideas, write for different audiences, and collaborate with all kinds of people. A business writing challenge has yet to make me cry.

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Clients don’t need clever headlines. They need their messages delivered persuasively and accurately while staying true to their brand. But if my clever headlines raise the roof now and then, even better.


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Is your website sending people to sleep? It's actually your best salesperson, so don't let it be boring. I create clever web and social media copy that sets businesses apart from the masses, persuades people to act, and keeps the Google gods happy. 


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Life is complicated. Writing doesn't need to be. I specialize in making boring, complex, and technical concepts interesting and easy to understand. I even have fun while I'm at it.  

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I offer more than sitemaps and wireframes. I understand how audience driven websites work, allowing users to find the content they need quickly and making sure that they stick around long enough to do exactly what you want them to do.